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Topic: Reversing X Chromosome Inactivation as a New Therapeutic Treatment for X-linked Diseases
  • Reversal of X chromosome inactivation: lessons from pluripotent reprogramming of mouse and human somatic cells

    Irene Cantone
    X chromosome inactivation (XCI) is a strategy used by mammals to silence genes along one of the two female X chromosomes and equilibrate expression dosage between XY males and XX females. This epigenetically-inherited silencing is established during early embryonic development and maintained thereafter through cell divisions. Seeding of multiple repressive epigenetic marks along the inactive X chromosome (Xi) makes inactivation extremely robust and difficult to reverse upon single genetic perturbations. Reversal of XCI has, however, been observed when somatic cells are reprogrammed towards... Read more
    J Transl Genet Genom 2017;1:1-14
    Published on: 16 Nov 2017  | Viewed:285  | Downloaded:11
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Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics
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