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Acknowledgment to reviewers of Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics in 2022

JTGG Editorial Office, Alhambra, CA 91801, USA.

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    Rigorous peer review is the basis of high-quality academic publishing. The Editorial Office of Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics (JTGG, Online ISSN: 2578-5281) would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following reviewers for their precious time and great efforts in assessing manuscripts in 2022 [Table 1]. We greatly appreciate all valuable and scientific comments and suggestions from our reviewers, which help to improve the quality of the manuscripts and the scientific level of the journal and thus promote academic exchanges.

    Table 1

    The reviewers in 2022

    List of reviewers
    Ningli WangYasha S. ModiShrikant AnantShuping ZhongKevin van Bortle
    Yuko TsurutaZi-Bing JinLing HouQizhou Lian Alexandre Sérgio Silva
    Masato AkiyamaMasato AkiyamaVernell WilliamsonHermona SoreqShirin Hasani-Ranjbar
    Ingrid van BalkomLee J. MartinSinisa DjurasevicRui Zhang Faoud T. Ishmael
    Maria PianeSaudade AndreRichard E. FryeGiovanni Pagano Sudha Sharma
    Jan LaRocqueJinyi LangAndrea StoccoroLili-Naz HazratiGaetano Cantalupo
    Moien KanaanXiao ChangXiaobin WangCristina SobacchiSarah Kittel-Schneider
    Francesc Palau Justin ChunTung-Min YuLetizia SpinelliJean-Michel Vallat
    Drew J. AdamsGaetano CorsoMark Kroese Sarah L. Sawyer Matthew Osmond
    Claire Francastel Sommer ClaudiaMatilde LauraDavide PareysonThérèse J. Bocklage
    Patrizia NataleZhifu SunBin GuMing-Min GuOlaia Martínez-Iglesias
    Anuj GoelBaiba VilneHayato Tada Lvy ChengLoredana Raciti
    Miyeko ManaVictoria PrattPeter J. Schwartz James A. WalkerElizabeth S. Kaufman
    Eric PasmantShan Dong Liming Shen Grandjean ValeriePaola Giusti-Rodríguez
    Marc WilliamsMargaret P. AdamFred C. LamAndrew DwyerNina Bögershausen
    Kurt ChristensenYiping ShenShen GuEric Schulze-BahrOscar Campuzano
    Suetnee ChenMartin Komhoff Xianwen RenHui Li Jill Kreiling


    Authors’ contributions

    Writing and revision of the article and approval of the final version: JTGG Editorial Office

    Availability of data and materials

    Not applicable.

    Financial support and sponsorship


    Conflicts of interest

    The author declared that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Ethical approval and consent to participate

    Not applicable.

    Consent for publication

    Not applicable.


    © The Author(s) 2023.

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