Editor's Message


a new journal, a new venture

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics (JTGG), a new open access and peer-reviewed online journal ( JTGG will publish all types of genetics and genomics studies with potential translational value in relation to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disease. The urgent need for a new journal covering this field is reflected by the ever increasing capability of genome sequencing but the generally slow pace in translating genetic/genomic findings into clinical application. With the assistance of our distinguished international editorial board, JTGG aims to help bridge the gap between basic genetics/genomics findings and clinical practice, with the ultimate goal of improving the care of patients with monogenic or complex disease.

Although we are particularly interested in articles with a clinical interest and implications for helping patients, we are also interested in publishing other basic or clinical studies related to human genetics including molecular and clinical genetics, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacogenomics, molecular biology, pharmacology and oncology. Types of paper to be published in the journal will include Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, Brief Communications, Clinical Studies, Editorials, and Letters to the Editor. Manuscripts with videos are also welcome. Furthermore, we welcome proposals for Special Issues that would help to promote the translation of basic research into clinical practice.

Our strong hope is that JTGG will become a new venue for facilitating the publication of new translational genetic and genomic findings thereby fostering the exchange of ideas between basic researchers and clinicians. We are committed to making speedy editorial decisions; indeed, we aim to arrive at a first decision as to whether or not a manuscript will be sent out for review within 1-7 days. For those manuscripts sent out for external review, we shall aim to reach a decision within 4 weeks from the date of submission. Together with our editorial team and peer-review system, we shall aim to ensure that all submitted manuscripts are reviewed fairly and swiftly. A manuscript, once accepted, will be copyedited and published as an Epub ahead of print within 2 weeks of the acceptance date.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions, which are indispensable to the future success of JTGG, a new venture in the field of translational genetic and genomics.

Jian-Min Chen, MD, PhD

Xue Zhang, MD, PhD
Academic Advisor

David N. Cooper, PhD
Academic Advisor